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After natural disasters occur, whether locally or nationally, small healthcare practices need to reopen their doors to their patients in a safe and financially sound manner. However, many practices struggle to do so, and without guidance and/or resources, reopening may no longer be an option for them. HSRE fills this need for guidance in the community by means of healthcare business consulting and education to all specialties of small healthcare practices and facilities nationwide. 


Any clinic or facility impacted by a disaster and in need of business consulting services can request assistance through our online application. 


Once approved, the clinic or facility will be assigned a consultant and begin working on a plan to reopen safely and effectively.


The consultant(s) will then continue to work with the clinic or facility to implement the agreed upon plan for up to 6 weeks.

HSRE assists small healthcare practices or facilities in understanding and applying for available, qualifying government aid and in building up a plan of action towards long-term recovery and sustainability, which has historically been neglected. Working side-by-side with the disaster-impacted practice, our consultants devise plans to resume business in a safe and sustainable manner that also focuses on the practice’s needs.

Business Consultation


HSRE strives to help the healthcare community as much as possible and in addition to consulting services, we provide approved beneficiaries of our pro-bono consulting services access to educational materials and connections to other resources. We consolidate up-to-date national- and state-specific guidelines on healthcare disaster recovery and information regarding available federal- and state-level disaster relief options as these are oftentimes scattered throughout different and usually unrelated sites. Studies and recommendations on safe and effective methods for reopening a practice or facility to patients after a disaster as well as on how to optimize clinic operations, financial health, marketing, and other important factors that contribute to the success and sustainability of small healthcare organizations are posted centrally as well.


To learn more about how we are rebuilding healthcare or how we can help your practice, contact us today!